Sanitizing constantly all environments in which we live, work and spend our free time has now become a routine action, which has become part of our daily life. An action that will not leave us with the passage of time and, on the contrary, will become more and more radicalized in our everyday life. As today it is essential to avoid the spread and contagion of Covid-19, tomorrow it will be for another virus. Using a machine like SANIWORKS is just one of the many ways to ensure effective sanitation .

How to sanitize?

To learn more about the subject and all the ad hoc advice for sanitation of environments and surfaces, you can consult the ISS COVID-19 Report no. 25/2020
Interim recommendations on the sanitation of non-health facilities in the current COVID-19 emergency: surfaces, interiors and clothing ISS COVID-19 Biocides Working Group
— Published by the Italian Government as a support guide and guide in this operation,     Read the ISS article »
How many times have your desk and its items been cleaned and sanitized?

How about the stapler, erasers, and pins that are in your drawer? Or the telephone, paper tray, paper cutter, bulletin board, or ruler?

We can go on naming items that you can find in any office, but we bet that you have already noticed some items that have never.

The importance of ozone

The ozone , present in all our SANIWORKS models, has been included in this latest report as a professional method in combating and preventing Covid-19, after the technical-scientific evidence available and confirmed for the its use.