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Sanitize with steam

Sanitize with SANIWORKS®

How to sanitize

Sanitization can be carried out using different methods and products. SANIWORKS® uses the combination of several technologies and sanitizing agents which, working synergistically or autonomously, allow to sanitize in a constant and effective way.

Each sanitization process has a specific objective, a purpose for which it is more effective than another and its realization linked to the presence or absence of people. Below we see the steam sanitization (alone or combined with disinfectants and detergents)

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Types of sanitization

Sanitize with Steam

Steam is one of the most effective methods for eliminating bacteria and viruses , sanitizing environments, vehicles and deep cleaning any type of surface. Its strength lies in the high temperature it creates and makes the environment inhospitable vital for viruses, bacteria, fungi and spores. When the steam is used autonomously and does not require the use of chemical detergents, it is ideal for eliminating allergenic agents such as mites and ensuring deep cleaning. However, if it does not reach certain temperatures, it does not guarantee complete disinfection. For this it can be enhanced by the combined use of disinfectant and detergent, capable of ensuring the elimination of any pathogen still present.

The machines usually use saturated dry steam which contains only 5% of micro-particles of water, to carry out a deep cleaning without leaving damp the surfaces. If this methodology is implemented without additional chemical agents, it can also be carried out in the presence of people.

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Sanificazione e Disinfezione

Differenza tra Sanificazione e Disinfezione.

Sanificazione e Disinfezione

La Sanificazione viene definita tale quando si effettua un intervento che va ad eliminare qualsiasi batterio e agente contaminante. La sanificazione si attua mediante l’utilizzo di agenti chimici che eliminano tutti i batteri rendendo gli ambienti puliti.

La Disinfezione invece, viene definita tale quando mediante l’ausilio di agenti disinfettanti, generalmente di natura chimica o fisica, come per esempio il calore, vengono distrutte o disattivate le cariche microbiologiche presenti. La disinfezione, inoltre, permette di distruggere gli agenti biologici come i virus.
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